our critters Do not Currently live in harmony

Conway Critters is not a sponsored project of Conway Cultural Development Corporation. City of Conway's Council member Jean Timbes and the Department of Visual Arts at Coastal Carolina University have teamed up to bring this public art project to the city.

For more information on the background on how the Conway Critters project came to be, please see the quote below excerpted from the April 7th, 2016 article in the Horry Independent:

Animal confusion

Some yet-to-be-made animal statues scheduled for Downtown Conway caused some artists to leave council’s workshop session a little confused Monday night.

In the public input section of council’s meeting, Conway Glass owner Barbara Streeter said the Waccamaw Riverkeeper, Conway Cultural Development Corporation and Create! Conway are working with local businesses on a program that she believes will put “feet on the street.”

She said the program, which is based on colorful fiberglass animals painted by local artists will invite locals and visitors to Conway and lead them to the Riverwalk.

The 24-inch to 38-inch animals will be sponsored by businesses and made by national artists.

She expected to return to Conway City Council April 18 to talk more about the project.

She gave a plug for the arts in Conway, saying only four days into the second quarter of the year, Conway artists have already added $54,735 to the local economy.

When Streeter and sculptor Dennis Stevens got to the workshop portion of the meeting, they were surprised when Councilwoman Jean Timbes and Conway Mayor Barbara Blain-Bellamy began to talk about a meeting with a group from Coastal Carolina University, scheduled for today, to talk about setting up the animal scavenger hunt.

Timbes has brought up the animal hunt several times in the past saying she saw it in Greenville six or seven years ago and thought it would work well in Conway.

Timbes wants each animal to give clues taking pedestrians to the next animal and for all of them to give interesting information about Conway.

She proposes 15 animals, everything from an alligator to a mule and pig, dressed in bonnets, berets, straw hats and overalls, tuxedoes, scarves and more.

The scavenger hunt is geared toward kids, and, in very preliminary plans, is led by a squirrel named Maggie. The animals are to be placed in Downtown Conway, all on city property.

Timbes said Coastal Carolina University will sculpt the animals or create them using a 3-D printer. She envisions later using the animals in a comic book and then even in a storybook.

The final message of the hunt will be that Conway belongs to all of its citizens and all of “our critters live in harmony.”

But harmony did not reign at the meeting.

Streeter and Stevens said they didn’t understand where Create! Conway and the Conway Cultural Development Corporation fit into Timbes’ plan.

When Blain-Bellamy told the duo that the workshop was not a place where the public is invited to comment, Streeter and Stevens left.

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