The arts enhance livability and provide new opportunities. We use creative placemaking to build artistic and economic vitality in South Carolina. 


In our work, arts, design and cultural activities are tools applied in combination with an inclusive approach to community planning and development, in order to enhance the aesthetic character of the community while also providing new forms of economic opportunity. We are also interested in helping to create a vibrant public life in South Carolina and help to communities to become more people-centered.

Efforts to harness the abundant artistic and creative resources began nearly two decades ago in Conway, South Carolina. The idea then, as it is now, is to coordinate and collaborate with communities in ways that nurtures and enriches them through the arts and culture and, at the same time, becomes a force to attract visitors and businesses that recognize the value of these resources.

In our creative placemaking work, as community blight gradually fades, outside investment and other improvements flow into the target area. In this way, art, design and culture gradually transform and enhance the livability of local communities. Our activities also promote local business growth through specific types of arts- and design-based, small-business entrepreneurship, job creation and workforce development programs in collaboration with our partners.


Photography provided by Jason Barnette.



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