We use creative placemaking to revitalize local communities and build artistically vibrant regions. We design, develop and implement public projects that link art, Design, culture and heritage strategies to education, economic development, and urban planning and design.

Our Mission

We increase the livability and economic vitality of communities in South Carolina through public and private partnerships that use the arts and culture as a tool to combat community deterioration, address issues surrounding social and economic development and to foster a distinct sense of place.

Photography provided by Jason Barnette.

We are demonstrating how creative strategies in art, design and cultural tourism meet the economic needs of communities in South Carolina. And, we are eager to partner with other organizations and communities that share our values.
— Dr. Dennis Stevens, President & Founder, Conway Cultural Development Corporation

Our Approach: Creative Placemaking

As an intentional and integrated part of our approach, Creative Placemaking seeks to engage communities, enhance public spaces and contribute to a more healthy, sustainable and vibrant local environment. We target art, design, culture and heritage strategies at increasing community prosperity and well-being, and we also work to define and distinguish South Carolina communities as great places to live and visit.

As a community development corporation, our efforts include: 

  • Cultural Districts
  • Public Art
  • Cultural and Creative Incubators
  • Mixed-Use Real Estate Development
  • Artist Relocation Programs 
  • Municipal Cultural Planning
  • Community Arts Development 
  • Strategic Public/Private Partnerships